RECRUITMENT BULLETIN 20120619 – NEW MOON -The Crew of Athabantian

From Adrial:

Based on the positive response of the reception of access to All About Enlightenment (the book), We’re putting out want-ads. We’re having Roll Call.

Who wants to join the Athabantian Ground Crew?

We have the beginning of a list of names.

These are names of some of the members of the Crew of Athabantian who have been trying diligently to connect with some of you who are searching the Net.

Connecting is simple.

We’ll list the names (and this really is only a partial list…) and their roles. If one of the names you read resonates with you very deeply, and you feel you need help connecting with them, please contact Leslee by email.

We’ll use this email address:

Of course you’re more than welcome to make these connections on your own. If you do, We’d love for you to share about it here on Up 2 the 5th, so please let Leslee know!

Some of you are well on your way to making this connection, and just need one tiny nudge. Some need to learn to communicate telepathically. Leslee can help you in either case.

There are a few caveats, and if you wish to learn the communication method We taught Leslee, and be a part of the community We’re creating here, there are some requirements.

They’re all rolled in here together:

1. These will be telepathic connections. Not trance channeling, and not a physical meeting. It’s okay if you cannot do this yet; Leslee can teach you how, with Our help. Or, Leslee can encourage you, if you think you’ve got it down and just want to check. All you need is a pendulum and access to Skype (or to go see Leslee in person). This is not typical pendulum work. There is a person-to-person transmission involved, that makes a huge difference in generating clarity and protects the integrity of the message. With practice and dedication, you may learn to connect with Us spontaneously and be confident that you have reached Us, and not spirit imposters.

2. If you want Leslee’s help with telepathy, you must to be willing to work with Us and her on the connection until Adrial says you’re ready to go. You and Leslee will learn to trust together. I, Adrial, am organizing this venture, not Leslee. Please do not worry. You will all learn quickly.

3. To work with Us, you must be willing to share your results, publicly and using your real – legal – name. You must make yourself accessible to the public by email. Leslee can either set you up on Up 2 the 5th, or you’re free to start your own blog or website. If you really think you might lose your job or your spouse if you used your real name, but you really want to do this, then please let Leslee know, and We will discuss it with you.

4. You must be willing to work on a donations-only basis and never try to capitalize on your connection with Athabantian. Running ads on a site devoted to Athabantian or any of her Crew is strongly discouraged. If you develop related products that you wish to sell, you may set prices in online stores, but if people contact you directly, We expect you to use a sliding scale, and we strongly encourage barter or donation basis. This involves trust, and will be one of your most difficult lessons. However, you must learn it if you wish to Ascend.

5. You must not try to copyright, patent, or profit from your knowledge of Athabantian of her Crew. You do not need to add notices or disclaimers to your messages and sites. You will be accessing information that will very soon be available to all. Those with whom you will be working are Ascending too, and you must learn to trust them – and be trustworthy – as well. You must not charge money or require exchange of goods or energy in exchange for what you have been given freely. For the time being, Mark Kimmel is the only person who has our blessings to offer talks, seminars, workshops, etc., related to Athabantian and Her Crew. If you create videos, your channel must not use ads. Again, donation options are welcome.

6. Please be aware that by making this connection, your prime directive is to be willing to help others with their Ascension, and to that end, We may ask you to do a job or fill a role. This venture is not a form of entertainment. There is much work that needs to be done. That said, please understand that this matter is not urgent. We are experiencing a natural growth process. Please continue with your everyday life, where you are now, as We all acclimate to our new communication methods.

7. You must be willing to work directly (in 3D, electronically or in person) with other members of the Ground Crew, and you must be willing to submit the information you receive for feedback and corroboration by others. Blogs are an excellent way to do this. The Spirit Train Chronicles ( is a wonderful example of this which is currently available. This is how we work on Athabantian – as One – and this is how you must all learn to work if you wish to engage the Fifth Dimension. Oneness is all-inclusive. Please keep in mind that in the 5th dimension, all are connected telepathically. There are no outliers or outcasts, rogues or rebels. But We are individuals. We treat one another with respect and kindness and observe personal boundaries, and all are free and encouraged to speak their mind respectfully and judiciously.

8. You may wish to establish discussion forums as the Community grows. Please refrain from creating them with any form of exclusivity. This means no passwords, no logins, no criticism and no divisive words among you. If “trolls” appear, banish them, or as Seth Godin says, ask them “What are you afraid of?” You will be delighted to learn how this approach to community can lead to joyous interaction. We will establish more guidelines in the future if they are needed, but We anticipate that you will relish your transparent community.

9. Lastly, you must not hold Leslee accountable for the outcome of your connection or any efforts to connect with Us. If you wish to work with her, you will be vetted by Us, through her. If We feel that another time would be preferable for you to connect with Us, We will explain why, and what signs you may look for if you wish to try again later.

Here we go with the list of names.

We will add to this list as time allows. For now, We think this specific team will be a wonderful start for developing a model. We are starting rather small so that you may become acclimated to our way of being together as One.

(Please note: Crew Members will connect with more than one individual on Earth. Please do not worry. As you compare notes with one another, you will gain understanding. Also, please note that the descriptions are just that – descriptions of inclinations and avocations. There are no formal agencies and departments. The joys of telepathy!)

RUBINHOUT: (Yes, We know it sounds a lot like “Robin Hood”; that’s more than mere coincidence.) Serving in the energy exchange guidance field.

ADRIAL: Serving in the energetic and communicative focus field.

BREN-TON: Serving in the guidance and oversight field.

JUSTINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field.

MORAINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field, as well as the emotional development field.

LASKEVALL: (pronounced much like “Basketball”) Serving in the nourishment and sensory enjoyment field.

MINSHEHOUT: (Nickname: “Miscoot”) Serving in the nourishment and health field.

NESBEVHAR: (Nickname: “Nebs”) Serving in the health and realization field

CLURISNAN: (Nickname: “Clover”) Serving in the agriculture, horticulture, and pleasure gardening fields

ASPINGELLE: (Nickname: “Jelly”) Serving in the transportation field

NOXAMINIA: (Nickname: “Noxy”) Serving in the astral field (sometimes known as the “Explaining Nature to Humans” field)

BUSCODIS: (Nickname: “Otis”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field (otherwise known as “Music”, and yes, Otis borrows his nickname from Mr. Redding.)

AXNORAPHILIM: (Nickname: “Norim”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field and the visual collaboration (“Visual Arts”) field

MARCORUSCAVA: (Nickname: “Marco”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)

PALASDOSIA: (Nickname: “Palas”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)

AMPHEGRENE: Serving in the sensory therapy field

CALLIOSTA: (Nickname: “Calli”) Serving in the sensory therapy field

MARHAYAMYA: (Nickname: “Yamya”) Serving in the celestial liaison field

You may notice that We make no promises or declarations of the outcome of this venture. On one level, We refer to this as an experiment. On another level, We are showing you how things will progress. Even if this round of recruiting yields merely one additional connection, it will have been a success. However, you may surprise yourselves with how rapidly you find your world shifting into 5D as you begin making these connections.

Finally, please share this bulletin widely in any way you see fit – electronically or otherwise. Leslee speaks English, a fair amount of French, and knows a few words of Spanish. If you are available to help with translations, please let her know, in case they are needed. We will quickly develop a delegate system. Please trust that things will move forward according to your readiness.

Please enjoy re-kindling your long-dormant friendships, and begin to remember All That You Are.

Faithfully and Gratefully Yours in Union,


21 thoughts on “RECRUITMENT BULLETIN 20120619 – NEW MOON -The Crew of Athabantian

  1. Hello friends, just wanted to say hello! Can’t wait to interact with all of you especially Miscoot & Noxy πŸ™‚ thank you so much Leslee for all the work you are putting into this…you are a germ and it is highly appreciated!

    There’s so much to absorb and it’s all exciting, but sometimes I get lost on what to begin with πŸ™‚ Does anyone has suggestions on how to stop the the noise in the mind during meditations? Wow!

    Warmest & loving regards…Mimi x

    1. ~Hi Mimi!…One “Layered” that I Use is: Look/Examine/Own the Thoughts…2.Visualize a Small Broom in Ur MindSpace and then Sweep the Thoughts Out…3.and if Ya Need something more High-Powered,Imagine a Vaccuum Cleaner absorbing Up and Out of Ur MindSpace…This Clears the MindArea to continue with Meditation…Practice the Clearing Technique if any more Thoughts come…Like Our House/Domain,sometimes a bit of Work is Needed to Have a Clean Space…This is what I do,Hope It Helps Ur Question…Aum… πŸ™‚ ~

  2. Hi,
    I’m Elizabeth E. Will work on setting up Skype this weekend. One step at a time! Have been on a spiritual journey for a very long time. Recently confirmed as a starseed. I’m single, no children, work full-time at 3D job, for now. Living in the Pacific NW.


  3. hey everybody! I am delighted for this opportunity. I’m eager to know more about you guys, and to help in any way i can. for now i can only say Good Work!! great site, great vibes, love you all.

  4. Can anyone help me, I do not know what the STC site is, can I get a link? Thank you so very much
    ~Michael Hall

    1. Hi Michael, The STC is , It is a meeting place for us to share and discuss the latest messages and happenings. It is a peaceful place we have built as a sanctuary. Welcome and I look forward to seeing you there.


  5. Good morning to all! I am at work and wanted to stop in and say hello πŸ™‚ I am thrilled to be a part of this, I feel that we are on the correct path to finding ourselves, finding love, and oneness. We are very blessed to be alive at this moment in time. I love you all.
    ~Michael Hall

  6. Hello everyone! My name is Melissa and I am very excited to be with you all. I look forward to our journey together. To re-connect in our “oneness” and shine the Light of All that is. Blessing.

  7. Ok I have mt skype installed, I am not to sure how to use it πŸ™‚ FYI you can use any info you have to post what ever you may need!
    ~Michael Hall

    1. If you have any questions about communicating, let me know. I believe I have been recruited to assist in keeping the lines of communication going.
      On skype, click “add a contact” then in the email field put in (altered to reflect a real email, I have to do this to protect against spam) windjuice (AT) . I will come up as John Anderson… Then click the button “add” and send a request. I’ll get ahold of you when the request comes through and we can go over the features and functions of skype.

      This goes for all that need some direction or explanations… Feel free to ask.

  8. Dear Light Beings,
    I’m delighted to report that we have welcomed just over a dozen ground crew members at this point! (As of 18:00, UT-5) everyone has been received warmly by Adrial and their colleagues, and at least two of you established connections well before I saw your emails!
    This is truly fantastic!
    I have a personal project that I need to finish tonight, so I may not be able to reply to additional messages until tomorrow. There is one person whom I still need to reply to (Flange) – I apologize for the delay, all is well. πŸ™‚
    Also, it seems that today the pace has been just about right for me to handle (10-12 people). I apologize in advance if I’m not able to reply immediately in the next few days.
    At least one person mentioned that they had visited one of our related sites, and had felt intimidated – please feel MOST welcome! We really are a loving group. I don’t think the Spirit Train Chronicles has ever had trolls or negativity (at least I can’t recall any), and we do nor mean for our familiarity with one another to imply that we are a “private club”. We WANT you to join in!
    I will set up (Adrial & time allowing) a page for us to use as an interim forum, so we can get to know one another. I think it will be on Up 2 the 5th, and for now, let’s just use this comments section (U25), or the one at STC, for the time being. (I’m posting this exact comment in both STC & U25)
    Please stop by and say hello, and you may join in regardless of whether you have emailed me, and even if you are simply curious.
    So, I’ll start by saying HI!
    Welcome: Mimi, Lisa, Lisa, Tauno, Nando, Malik, Melissa, Gina, Babajij (John Paul), Michael, Kiril, Dreamwalker (Troy)… I feel like I’ve forgotten someone…
    I would like to put together a chart to show who is teamed up – PLEASE let me know what information about you I have your permission to share publicly!
    Thank you, all you radiant souls! Namaste.

    1. ~Indeed, EveryOne is Welcome…My Full Name is John Paul Lavigne…I Go by the Avatar Name of Babajij ( I have Practised Kriya Yoga and thus have a Spiritual Passion to Ascended Babaji)…over at Spirit Train, Ya May Find that the Group is Small, for We Have just Begun, only earlier this Year…As Ya Are Guided,Please Join…We All may Find that We Are Connected in Ancestorial Ways… πŸ™‚ ~

    2. Hello! And good day to all! My full name is Michael Adam Hall. I am new to the “scene” and want you all to know that I am so excited to be here, right here, right now! I woke up just a little while ago and am glad I did! I am a father of 4 and am doing all I can to spread the word of who we are, and always give love and light to all the creators children :). Thank you so very much for having me!

  9. Simply wonderful! I am so eager to help with our Ascention, I have not used Skype but I will download it when I get off work and to the house. Love, Piece and Light be with you all!
    ~Michael Hall

    1. Welcome Michael! My real name is Troy, I have two boys, I have always been “aware” but “awakened” a little more than a year ago. Glad to have you on board!

      1. This is so beautiful! FWIW, this morning GR said [fifteen]… Guess how many new faces we have!


        Minshehout (Miscoot), Noxaminia (Noxy)

        Lisa E

        Aspingelle (Jelly)

        Lisa S

        John Paul/Babajij L


        Nando P

        Axnoraphilim (Norim)

        Gina R

        Clurisnan (Clover), Nesbevhar (Nebs)

        John A

        Michael H

        Kiril M

        Calliosta (Calli)

        Melissa U

        Malik F

        (healing, design, art?)

        Leslee H




        Elizabeth E

        Yamya, Clurishan (Clover), Axnoripilim (Norim)

  10. ~ I Like the Level of Gradual Growth that Is Happening!…RobinHout resonates with me…I still have to Set a Skype Up,tho…One Drop (of Water) ata Time…Good Works,Leslee!!… πŸ™‚ ~

    1. That’s a wonderful affirmation, Babajij, I’m thrilled! πŸ™‚ I have to admit that my biggest act of faith was removing my comment that started out something like “this sure sounds like a gimmick…” Thank goodness for baby steps! Whew, I’m quite tired… And so happy. πŸ˜€

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