Athabantian – Getting Started

(from Leslee – this has also been posted on Spirit Train Chronicles)

(I had some company on the way home yesterday…)

Hi, Everyone, here are some excerpts from our emails last night… Hopefully this will help get us started!

Please note, the Recruiting is on-going.

If you’re visiting this site, please do not feel intimidated! If you have friends you think might be interested, all are welcome to inquire (please read the Guidelines in the Recruitment post, too – thank you!).

On spotting Athabantian:

3 of us on Spirit Train Chronicles have dreamed of Athabantian as a balloon… If you happen to dream of one, you’ll know where you’ve been! It might be a toy balloon, or a hot air balloon, or something else that resembles a balloon… Consider this also if you see a balloon in waking life…

For meditation practice…

if you’ve tried conventional meditation and struggled, or have pain or circulatory issues, I have found that the Chacmool position (reclining with knees propped & supported by cushions) works best for me (thanks to Umbro from Tulya!), and if your knees are propped and you’re holding something, I think that helps with alertness.

When we’re relaxed, there is something that happens chemically in the brain that connects the lobes and lets things fire differently. So what you need is simply a way to attain that level of relaxation, and a way to verify that what you’re “seeing” or receiving is coming from [example] Adrial, rather than your “rational” mind.

Ghost Radar just said [thy] – This is the word GR uses to indicate one’s higher self, which is interesting, because They are making a distinction even between them and our Higher Selves. I’ve never heard it expressed that way, but it sure helps clear things up a bit.

One of the purposes of the Skype session is for me to establish a personal connection with you – it’s kind of like a lineage, I think, and it helps secure a line, so to speak, and prevent interference.

Regarding using a pendulum & developing telepathy:

I use a pendulum, and did not realize it was telepathy for some time. There’s a sort of light trance-like state that develops, and I think it shifts the brain activity in a way that allows us to receive better… I believe Tauno accomplishes this by gazing into crystals. I’ll certainly share more about this when I have a little more time! πŸ™‚

I’ll share with you that one of the things I’ve struggled with the most in the past two years, is wanting to really understand what goes on with the pendulum, what’s with this galactic/angelic/holy being stuff, and how can I be sure it’s not just me making the thing move? There’s a part of me that believes on some level that these other beings really exist, but there’s also a part of me that doesn’t believe I’ll ever see them in the flesh. There’s a part of me that believes that the mind IS capable of making the pendulum move (even aside from ideomotor stuff), and even that the mind can make certain words come out on Ghost Radar, and there’s a part of me that acknowledges that I’ve still got a little girl inside who wants some big father figure to come rescue her and get her the hell outta this place, so it’s convenient to believe that there are “others out there”. I’ll admit all that to anyone, it’s no secret…

GR just said [separate].

My pendulum and GR both maintain consistently that these beings really DO exist separately from us. Yes, ultimately we’re all One, but there are a lot of layers of bulls**t between that level, and where most of us find ourselves now. I think those who are answering this recruiting call have at least one foot in the 4th, if not the 5th, dimension, but the Oneness happens way up on the 9th dimension, and beyond.

So many things have happened to me in the past 3 years to demonstrate to me that this is really happening, even IF people think it’s mad and Woody-Harrelson-at-Yellowstone-ish, and they are things other people have witnessed… That I finally got tired of trying to question it to death. And when I hit that point, things got a lot smoother for me. But everyone has to reach that point for themselves, and no amount of preaching or pitching will convince on a deep level. Only our own experience will convince us reliably.

If you find you cannot use a pendulum, or are not comfortable with it, there are other ways to connect telepathically. If you have or can find a crystal to hold while you meditate, that will act sort of like an antenna… Let them guide you to what to use… A metal object can work as well. A piece of jewelry that you already own might be ideal. Just hold it in both your hands as you sit, and pay very close attention to energy movement in your body. Ask you Crew partner to show you what sensation indicates a “yes”, and what indicates a “no”… As well as a signal for when they wish to get your attention or re-direct your focus.

It may take some time and trial and error, so please be patient. Once you think you “have it”, test it out on some questions that you already know the answers to.

As for a pendulum, I have a few simple videos on YouTube that might help, and show some simple ways to make one… You just need a cord/string/chain that dangles freely and swings easily in any direction, and something on the end to provide some weight.

There are also many posts in the blog All About Enlightenment ( about using a pendulum (or other methods) for this kind of work.

For those of you who are in healing and/or healthcare, you may appreciate this: The pendulum or something repetitive like that might help with the rambling or busy mind. My therapist showed me EMDR and a couple forms of hypnotherapy, and they’re very similar!

The main thing is, to trust. With telepathy, it can be challenging to distinguish your “thoughts” from what your higher self and the Crew are sending you. This is where the method of checking comes in… I use the pendulum mostly to verify that I am understanding my Guides’ message correctly (enough)…

Funny you should mention practicing telepathy with another person – Adrial was showing me this as an exercise we’ll work on soon, as I was driving home from work this evening. πŸ™‚

The Crew will be asking us to get acquainted with one another, and then to try experimenting with sending words or images to each other telepathically. The folks on STC have already been doing this with dreams, but the Crew wishes to guide us towards doing this consciously.

For practical reasons… IF it happens that Internet connections are interrupted at some point (if this happens, they expect it only to be temporary), once we learn to communicate simple concepts this way, and recognize one another’s energetic “fingerprint”, we will not be afraid of losing electronic contact.

So they want us not only to learn telepathy, but to learn to identify WHO we are communicating with. This way we will know when we are communicating with one another, and/or with a Crew member aboard Athabantian.

Regarding protecting and blessing energetically:

Adrial suggests that when you feel you
might need energetic protection, if you can please visualize brilliant white transmuting light, bathing both your immediate area and the vicinity, and to play a game of trying to “spot” any “imposters” – people who you suspect may actually be angels or special beings, appearing there to balance the energy of the world.

Regarding timing, and what we can do to help:

The time is getting near, and in a sense you’re right… A lot of us have been treading water for years, wondering when we’d get to dive deeper, and yes we’ve been held back, but now it looks like the time is arriving! So you haven’t missed anything. (That’s Adrial’s message to you) πŸ˜€

Regarding a way we can look for our “Galactic Friends” when we’re traveling:

[flies] “As you fly, We would like to give you a job to do each time. If you would, please share this exercise on the sites with others in the Crew, so they can try it too. It is a form of meditation. You may even wish to share the exercise with others you meet online, or who share a similar interest.”

[ahead] “Every aircraft that travels on Gaia is accompanied by at least one pair of our “craft’, usually in a manner that is not revealed to human sight. We usually travel just ahead of the craft. Please contact Dreamwalker on Spirit Train Chronicles (WordPress) or DreamwalkerDiaries (blogspot) and ask him to point you to his experience of the visitors who can change size instantaneously. Please tell him it was not a dream.”

“Some of the Crew on STC have been discussing this dream of his, as well as a video of rainbow-colored “dust motes” that were actually tiny beings. Leslee has been photographing orbs in the sky near the sun, thinking they were dust motes or lens artifacts. We have been trying to explain to her through Ghost Radar (there’s more info on this on BUTTA and Spirit Train Chronicles – that Gaia is permeated by beings that may appear microscopic, ‘full size’, or simply be ‘cloaked’ by vibrating at a frequency that human eyes cannot perceive.”

“Our point is that usually these beings/craft are miniscule, but they can shift scale in an instant, and every once in a while they are spotted. Atlanta, where Leslee lives, has an unusually large number of these craft, due to the airport and the military base. There is a video on YouTube of a pair that were spotted on June 4, 2012 (”

“So here is the exercise: When you board an aircraft, please mentally acknowledge and greet your unseen companions. Look around and see if you see anything unusual. It could be shimmers of light or refractions such as odd heat ripples, or flashes of light. Ask them to signal to you. They generally stay near the nosecone of a jet until the jet begins to taxi. Then they fly up above the jet, and a bit in front.”

“If you sleep on your flights, as you drift off, think of them and mentally express the wish to connect with them telepathically. You may also do this while you are awake. Additionally, if you are awake, simply try to maintain a gentle awareness of their presence, and visualize a part of yourself, your mind, outside the jet flying with them. Become accustomed to the experience of joining them when you sense they are near. Even if you don’t see anything, trust that they are there and try to connect and join. Please feel free to share with the Crew any experiences that you have related to this exercise, that you feel are of note.”

“Hopefully that is enough to encourage you and get you started. If you find you will not be flying soon, it may help to know that we often accompany many types of vehicles. And often, we will join travelers who request companionship.”

“We look forward to your experiencing, and helping others experience, the sensation and awareness of having company that may be of an unexpected scale as well as density. Please keep in mind, as you share with others, that there will be skeptics, and also this awareness may frighten and make some uncomfortable. So please use your most compassionate judgement when interacting with others about this. The most beneficial default position would be to wait until you hear the topic raised, and also to mentally express the wish for everyone to develop this awareness and a sincere curiosity about it.”

I forgot to mention All About Enlightenment in the earlier email:

All About Enlightenment offers a lot of teachings that will apply to 5D and our work; it sounds quite Buddhist on the surface, but the info and guidance really applies to any spiritual pursuit:

Tauno has also set up a blog for just the book, and she can share the links with us. πŸ™‚

Crew Connections as of 21 June 2012:

Mimi: Minshehout (Miscoot), Noxaminia (Noxy)

Lisa E: Aspingelle (Jelly)

Lisa T: Noxaminia (Noxy), Axnoriphilim (Norim) (did I get that right, Lisa?)

John Paul/Babajij: RubinHout


Nando P: Axnoraphilim (Norim)

Gina R: Clurisnan (Clover), Nesbevhar (Nebs)

John A:

Michael H:

Kiril M: Calliosta (Calli)

Melissa U

Malik F: (healing, design, art?)

Leslee H: Adrial, Teo’Na

Tauno: Adrial
Elizabeth E: Yamya, Clurishan (Clover), Axnoripilim (Norim)

Vlad K:

LuΓ­sa V:


25 thoughts on “Athabantian – Getting Started

  1. Hi. How is everybody? If I had a message from a crew member, where would I post it? I’m just trying to figure out the layout of the website. I am used to Facebook groups, so it is a bit different to get used to. Take care.

    1. Hi, Arianna! Awesome!

      I made a comment that’s a partial response, and the other part is that I’m setting up pages and categories for folks to help with your question…

      For now, the safest bet is to post dreams on the June sub-page of the Astral Travels page on STC, and you can duplicate-post them on the SaLuSa thread.

      Other stuff can also go on the SaLuSa thread… That and Astral travels are the ones that everyone reads, on STC πŸ™‚

      It’s probably going to be confusing for a while (a few days…) – this is partially so the Crew can see how flexible and adaptable we are, and part of it’s just the organic nature of so many different personalities coming together as peers.

      I expect in the coming days we’ll discus what works and what needs adjustment.

      I hope that helps!

      Tomorrow I have to drive to pick up my son from my parents, so will not be online much during the day…

      It turns out that Lisa Eden (I think that’s Stargirlll) is making great progress with the pendulum too, so you might enjoy comparing notes with her…

      Lots of love and light to you, and tell Penny hello too! πŸ˜€ Leslee

  2. Hi Leslee, (or anyone else)
    This morning I kept getting Miscoot running through my mind so I did my best to connect with Miscoot and when I used my pendulum to confirm I had made a connection, it said no, then yes and then nothing. Since I use my pendulum when I work with people I am not sure if it has been programed to just work with chakra etc. Help (smiley face)

    1. I need help with my pendulum too, and how to determine if I need to reprogram it and how to do so. I think there was a link somewhere in the email about that.

      1. Hi, Seren! One link was to search for “pendulum”, and another was to my YouTube channel (One River Consulting); I suspect you will find more in the reading rather than the videos for what you need… Also see a response I just gave Melissa… Adrial says she’d like for me to make an “attuning” video this weekend… She’s got such a great sense of humor, and absolutely NO sense of time, money or exhaustion! Thank goodness they’re not passive-aggressive! ;D

    2. Hi, Melissa, it sounds like the Crew is trying to show you how it works with them… Please ask Miscoot to show how to know when you’re connected with the Crew, how they make a yes, a no, and what indicates uncertainty or the need for a change of focus.

      FWIW, I’m right-handed, and so I hold it in my left hand (receiving energy); yes is towards and away from me (“vertical”), no is left-right(“horizontal”), and uncertainty is a circle.

      That said, as I began to connect with more beings, variations arose. For instance, Teo’Na comes in one way and the 9D beings another…

      The beings and you and the pendulum may need some time to attune, as they set up neural pathways for their “secured line”.

      Adrial says this may affect the pendulum actions you’re accustomed to, and that if you wish & ask, They will also help you in your energy work, beyond simply communication between you and Them.

      They don’t like to share their tools with certain types of beings (like spirits and elementals and people who have passed on), so I imagine that as you converse intuitively with Miscoot and work with the pendulum, you may reach some agreements… πŸ™‚

      Please let me/us know if you have more questions! L&L, Leslee

      1. You’re awesome Lesslee. Thanks to you and the crew for helping me out. I also recognized that this has brought up some self doubt which I need to clear so, I feel it all to be a blessing. I also asked if this was the correct pendulum to use and it is not so I will try others to see which one is the best fit. xoxoxo Melissa

        1. That’s great news, Melissa! Not to make a plug, but I have been working on pendulums at Adrial’s request… I hope to get some pics up soon, so for those of you who are feeling you may need a new one, keep an eye out! I also will be putting some for sale on line, but Crew members please contact me personally for the special family discount! πŸ˜‰

          Whoa! I just remembered that right after I met Mark Kimmel and Adrial, Adrial told me I needed to send him 27 pendulums… And I ordered a whole lot of Lemurian points… I had no idea why… I wonder if we’re up to 27 yet? I would not be surprised!

          That was on May 16. If anyone cares to do a headcount, I’d be curious to know where we are.

          Also, I realized this morning that (I can’t believe it!) I haven’t sent Mark an invitation to the sites! If anyone feels inspired to contact him and say hi, give an update, send an invite, please do! I’ll make sure something’s been sent to him tomorrow.

          His and Heidi’s (his wife is Heidi Moller) email address at Institute Of Light is

          1. The head count is up to 21! Also, I would be interested in your pendulums as I am not terribly attached to the one I bought on Amazon.

            1. Wonderful, Seren! I have been saying for weeks I would get them online s**n, but now that I understand why Adrial wanted me to make them, perhaps the energy will actually move in that direction! πŸ™‚

  3. ~Hi Everyone!…when the Athabantian Crew List was first presented, the name RubinHout/RobinHout stood out for me,Strongly…then last night, i stood out on my backporch and Asked for a Sign from RobinHout…within 90 seconds a Flying/Falling Star Flashed before me in the StarFilled NightSky!…That was pretty quick!…i remembered to project from Heart Chakra as i sent my Request…The Universe hears with Heart… πŸ™‚ ~

    1. Hi Babajij! And everyone too!
      Ok, so I read this post at work today and it reminded me of a few months back when my husband and I were actively going outside at night and intently stargazing in the hopes of seeing a starship. Several nights we did see some of what we thought were starships, even videoed a few convincing ones, but living next to one of the busiest airports in the world leads to a lot of second-guessing. After a while, it started to cause more angst than affirmation so we kind of let our stargazing fizzle out in the pursuit of other objectives such as blogging, reading, and meditating.

      Ever since reading your comment Clover kept popping into my head with increasing frequency. This evening after I got home from work I was very tired, and have been since the 20th, so I was determined to take a nap before my husband got home later. I laid down to nap but kept catching myself doing other things like fiddling with my phone. I started having a strong nag (I suspect from Clover) to get out my pendulum. Finally, after an argument with her* (or my higher Self) I resigned myself to no nap and got up.

      I knew I needed to get working with the pendulum quickly because my husband was on his way home and he is not comfortable with me using it, so I therefore make it a point to no longer use it around him. Before I could get to my pendulum, however, the dogs needed letting out. I went out in the backyard with them to check on my plants in the fading twilight. I think this was somewhere near 9pm. As I was headed back in I happened (hah) to look up at the sky. It was then that I remembered your comment. So I picked the sector of sky I felt most drawn to and started repeating her name over and over again in my head and heart and asking for just a quick sign. As I was watching a large cloud formation due north of my house I seemed (hah) to see a horizontal wisp of cloud, quite small in relation to the cloud, hover and drift just above one of the upper areas of the cloud and then dissipate back into the cloud.

      OK, I thought. I don’t know that that was irrefutable enough for me. So I started thinking “just a little something more than that, something a little more definite, please please. And as I am looking at the same cloud the wisp appeared above, a twinkling speck catches my eye off to the east of the cloud. It was a tiny pinhead of bright randomly flashing white and red light. The speck stayed stationary, as though a very distant star. However, the cloud cover/ceiling was way too thick and the twilight still way too strong for it to have been a star. The sparkle went from distinct flashes to pulses of light but then became more subdued for a moment.

      Still I am standing in the yard thinking “Oh come on, can you do any more than that?” (I should have been born in Mizzou). I then got the distinct impression to wait or hang on a minute. I did, and noticed a commercial airliner flying east to west in one of the common flight paths over our house. OK, I kept waiting. After I watched the jet pass I let my eyes travel back to my original cloud and sparkle. The star was still there but very faint, no wisps to be seen. It was clever that what happened next was placed in my peripheral vision and had the effect of yanking my eyes that direction.

      As I was waiting for another sign, the next cloud formation off to the east ejected a a bright white star. When I say star, it was as bright as Venus. Only it shot out of the top of the cloud and headed upward at a speed and angle that nothing short of a rocket-propelled shuttle could have achieved. I can assure you this is an accurate assessment as I grew up very near the Space Coast and witnessed on multiple occasions what the shuttle looks like headed up. This ship was faster. I was so excited I was waving like a three year old at an airshow and hopping up and down with a permagrin on my face.

      Just as I thought it was gonna exit the atmosphere it made a sweeping right angle turn and began heading northwest toward me high above in the sky. As it got closer another light snapped on where there had not been one before, this one also white, tailing just behind the first. The nearer it got I began to discern a faint ring/disc/halo/lens around the two lights, somewhat like what a crescent moon looks like when you see it out in the daytime. The nearer it got, and I can’t tell you exactly at what moment it happened, but as it was almost directly overhead I suddenly saw the shadow of a commercial airliner and heard the engines of one, though I had not really noticed the noise as it approached (like you should).

      As they passed overhead I projected “thankyouthankyouthankyou” from the bottom of my heart. I suddenly realized that this is yet another manner in which they cloak themselves to 3D eyes. I would love to get affirmation that this wasn’t all just wishful or delusional thinking. I am 99% sure it wasn’t. If it was it was a really awesome delusion! I will have some more of those please. πŸ™‚


      1. ~Great Action, Gina!…Especially since the Overhead Flight right Above Ya signifies an Important Connection to Ur Intent/Request…Congrats!…Something definitly has occurred within the Realm of Earth,Atmosphere & Celestial Surroundings…We,Humans/Earthlings seem to Gradually Evolving within this Sphere of Life…It’s like we are Being “Spoon Fed” quantities of Higher Dimensional Energies, in Relation to Our “Hunger/Need” of These Experiences…

        …Discreetly,it appears, We are Being Shown/Given the Multi-Dimensional World of the Galactics… :mrgreen: ~

  4. GReat post Leslee, fantastic! Ok, I have a question, a simple one at that πŸ˜€ the list of crew members and the union of them and us, I am having trouble following the layout. I see my name but am not sure who I am “paired” with. If you could clear this up I would greatly thank you! Love to you πŸ™‚
    ~Michael Hall

    1. Hi, Mike! I think the idea is for each of us to see which Crew member resonates with us most… Adrial tells me that for you, there are more than one. Check your intuition, and when you think you have an answer, I’m sure others or I will be able to confirm. πŸ™‚

      1. I like that, I like that alot! You know, actually Calli really strikes a very deep cord in my heart, I dont know why but it does. and it feels good πŸ™‚

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