Adrial – Bring On The Light Show!

One step we can make, closer to DISCLOSURE…

Adrial has shared with me that there is a tremendous Galactic Light Show that is preparing to unfold. Please be aware that this will happen gradually, over time, as the power of the Light Show meditation increases (please see meditation guidance below)…

We believe that our Friends’ ships are cloaked… What I learned last night is that we are actually cloaking Gaia, also, and we can now meditate to release this cloak and be able to see our brothers and sisters in the skies!

I’d like to share what I was shown, in preparation for meditations that we can all do between August 16 and August 18, to help our Star Families reveal themselves…

I’m still on  my trip to Pagosa Springs, so I will just share a brief chat below… please ask questions through comments if you like. This original post is here:

Here is the mediation that Adrial says can help us to release this cloaking grid from Gaia:

1. Please sit under the sky if possible, or near an open window.

2. Please envision Gaia with a 3-dimensional lattice woven through Her many layers and dimensions: Please visualize the light grid as brilliantly shining and pulsing, its energy flowing steadily from point to point and filling Gaia with love, compassion, and connectivity between all life force beings, both inside and outside of Her physical realm.

3. Next please look at Gaia’s 3-dimensional Cloaking Grid, which also penetrates her many layers and dimensions. Please see this Grid as being held by Beings of Light, who are located on Gaia’s surface, on Her Inner Surface, and inside Her Interior Regions (such as Telos and Agartha). Between these Beings of Light, and flowing outwards into the atmosphere, please envision an electromagnetic cloak, appearing like a soft billowing fog, rolling like clouds and covering the view of the multitude of lightships which lovingly surround Gaia and us.

4. Please look into your heart region, and feel the love that Gaia, our Star Families, and WE feel for our beloved companions here on Gaia.

5. Please see yourself as drawing back the curtain of the Cloaking Grid, gradually revealing to all who wish to see, the glorious display of lights and colors that come to us from the countless Light Ships that surround us, high above our atmosphere. Please understand that this revealing will be like a magnificent fireworks display, all around the globe… Like a dance of aurora borealis, flickering and rainbow-colored, and able to be seen from any point on Gaia’s surface.

6. Please feel the joy and excitement that so many will feel when we realize that we may now access at any time, this beautiful Light Show in our heavens. We will soon be able to see our Friends and Loved Ones!

Please share this meditation with as many as you feel may be inclined to help release the Cloaking Grid, and unveil our Friends in the skies!

With deep love and brilliant Light,


(Here is some description of what I was shown last night…)

(I was driving across Oklahoma, towards Amarillo, Texas…)

…And I was asking to be shown/understand what are the reasons we cannot see them more
[8:54:07 AM] Leslee Hare: They told me that there were actually 100 ships right in front of me, just over the horizon, so I was looking at that part of the sky
[8:54:33 AM] Leslee Hare: I noticed that it looked different… we cannot see the stars near the earth…
[8:55:01 AM] Leslee Hare: What they showed me is that many of us understand “cloaking” in a limited way.
[8:55:18 AM] Leslee Hare: Ships CAN and DO cloak themselves, but GAIA also cloaks herself!
[8:55:27 AM] Leslee Hare: So others can see in, but we cannot see out!

[8:55:48 AM] Leslee Hare: There are two types of “light-grids” on Gaia
[8:56:36 AM] Leslee Hare: One holds the light, and this one we are familiar with… the other holds the cloaking of Gaia… And we can meditate as a group to release this cloak… there are enough of us now who wish to see and understand

[8:56:56 AM] Leslee Hare: exactly, exactly!!! 😀
[8:57:38 AM] Leslee Hare: there are also three layers to both of these grids, and they are made up of beings on the outer surface, the inner surface, and in the interstital regions like Agartha
[8:58:11 AM] Leslee Hare: so the beings involved triangulate the grid… it is really a lattice, penetrating the entire planet…
[8:58:37 AM] Leslee Hare: and as I was driving, I could see this in the darkness, much like how I can see electromagnetic auras
[8:58:51 AM] Leslee Hare: it looked like billowing fog laid over the low horizon
[8:59:10 AM] Leslee Hare: yes, I wanted to drive all night so I could watch the stars…

[9:00:06 AM] Leslee Hare: So I want to put this into a post for people to share… There is something we can do to meditate for the 17th
[9:00:46 AM] Leslee Hare: (chuckle) that’s sort of right… I still am erasing doubt, as you know, of course… but this understanding helps so much… of course its perfect!


18 thoughts on “Adrial – Bring On The Light Show!

  1. Hi Leslee, thanks for sharing this my dear sweet lady
    I will definitely will do it (even with a cold 😀 ) and envision the light show. As I was looking up to the stars, I felt there was something different about it, some stars I never saw when looking up.

    I am glad you mad it into NM, I hope you found your cottage 😀 . What I do if I try to manifest something, like have a parking space very near the mall, I envision a reality where this spot is already there for me. So when you are there, just imagine that this cottage in your reality is in fact existing, it is like, what reality do I want, the one without or the one with the cottage 😀

    I learned this from reading this beautiful stories on :

    Love and Light

  2. I had a dream last night in which I was walking down a street in my neighborhood,but in the middle of it I noticed something was very different… The sky became much much brighter and I felt like there was a benevolent presence there, and that was the moment we all expected for a long time.. This was my third dream concerning Disclosure and I didn’t really understood it until I read your article. I’ll try my best in the next days, and I know we can do this! Thank you and have a wonderful week!

    1. How wonderful! Yes, I think we just keep doing what we do, keep our hearts centered, and its that simple! Much love & light! 

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Laura! 😀

    @Everyone who wants to see our galactic family, SPREAD this meditation around and lets all do this so we can finally see our star bros and sissies 😀

  4. Hi Leslee sounds good will be doing this also just hope the rains stop soon. Sounds like the road trip is going well:)

    1. Thank you dear! Yes, there is so much magic in the air, I don’t even want to call it “air” anymore! 😀

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  5. Beautiful Leslee, so, the meditation, is it only the 16th through the 18th? Just so i am clear on it. I am going to be doing it for sure, and Cheri’ and I meditate on a super regular basis. It will be wonderful for others to see our family in the heavens! We have noticed that the triangle in the south west sky has changed, anyone else catch this? It has been changing for the last week or so, quite significantly too!

    1. Do it whenever!

      Those days are particularly powerful, but my understanding is that this unveiling will be gradual and gentle…

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  6. Leslee, what you describe here is EXACTLY what I saw in a dream during the spring of 2011. I found myself levitating through this dense gray fog. As I gained elevation I could see these points of light scattered across the planet, I understood these points of light to be people. The points of light were visible through the fog. It was really pretty, sort of like the experience of flying over a city at night – you see all the street lights in a regular pattern below you.

    So at some point I reached a certain elevation and found myself fall down back towards the earth, and within seconds fall abruptly into my body. I felt extremely HEAVY, and was not able to move for a couple of minutes.

    So, please remove all doubt, dear Leslee, this is very real! ♥

    I did not realize this grid also existed in Agartha, this will help my visualization – thank you!

    1. How cool, DW, I think i remember you writing about that! Yes it’s remarkable!

      Remember 3 layers : inner earth yet deeper within than Agartha!

      I’m in NM now, yippee!!! 

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