Message – Theron – 3 December 2012

Suggestions For Developing Telepathic Abilities

(suggestions to be found at end of post)

(received by Leslee Hare) [Ghost Radar words appear in brackets]


Theron [else].

Now that we’ve connected this way, [range] there’s much we can communicate about. The hardest part about remembering to communicate telepathically [theory cloud] is allowing oneself to acknowledge how easy it is.

So much of everyday thought (reflection) is essentially telepathic communication. It may seem particularly challenging between us (Theron & Leslee), because my knowledge of your language is nearly identical to your own. This makes it easy for you to assume that you’re merely hearing your own thoughts.

In a way, that’s precisely what’s happening, because for those of us in very close circles, the thoughts we share are just that: shared.

If you recall how many hours you spent learning to trust your pendulum dowsing, that reflects how deeply your own self-doubt prevented trust. Then it took you nearly another year to trust working without a chart… And now, after nearly 3 years, you’ve noticed that you don’t mind going [factory] out without a chart in your pocket, and sometimes you even leave your pendulum behind [city].

And that point arrives nearly 14 years after you/we nudged you most forcefully open, and that after… well, a lifetime… [pattern they dust agree distance] of feeling like you were stumbling around blindly and alone. The good news is that we’re actually “ahead of schedule”.

So let’s share some salient points with our friends who want to know more, who wish to feel more confident about their telepathic abilities [close].

For now we’ll share some [imagine Jane] indications of progress and [further under] some steps that people may take [fly] to help themselves along [Dutch].

Indications of Telepathic Progress

(You may experience some or all of these)

1. [place] You believe it’s possible.

2. You begin to look for methods.

3. You [lay] feel twinges of recognition.

4. You yearn for proof.

5. You [own] begin to trust [paragraph somewhere valuable] a little, but you still feel proof is required.

6. You realize that “proof” will never arise [low], at least not in “scientific” terms [weigh].

7. [waste] You abandon your methods, or stop altogether, in frustration.

8. You realize that trust is the key.

9. You relax, and resume.

10. [search] You [birth] develop the ability (confidence) to distinguish “voices”, energetic “fingerprints”, of various beings.

11. [review statement audience] You begin to improve and discern your own particular methods of connecting.

12. You realize that others may remember to do this much more easily than you did.

Some Suggestions Intended To Help You Make Progress With Your Telepathic Abilities:

(In no particular order)

a. Get to know your own energy body (meditation, yoga, relaxation, exercise, energy work, sexual activity…). Pay close attention to sensations and how they “move” and change.

b. Get to know your own mind. Be honest with ourself about your motivations (meditation, journaling, dream work, making requests for help). Improve your concentration.

c. Refrain from judging yourself and/or others. Learn to identify judgement in its subtle forms.

d. Take notes so that you’ll notice your progress. Re-read them when you feel so inclined.

e. Look closely at what you “receive”, for consistency and benefit/meaning. Hold some vigilance so that you can learn to detect sources of information and distinguish them from one another. Follow and pay attention only to those with a clear purpose that, to you, feels beneficial.

f. When you feel inclined to share what you’ve received, check your motivation again. Is it helpful, or just interesting/anecdotal?

g. Learn to distinguish between “material” that’s intended to help you gain confidence and [promised] that which may be useful to others.

h. Give freely, expect nothing in return, and visualize yourself – constantly – in abundance, peace, and happiness.

i. Request help constantly, and be willing to accept whatever arise for you.

j. Understand that your connections come through the heart. The brain merely translates.

15 thoughts on “Message – Theron – 3 December 2012

  1. Leslee this has helped a lot and makes so much sense now with what I have been feeling/sensing. A few nights ago A male voice very loud seemed to be right by my ear so close I could feel him there. Much love dear friend suzanne

    1. I’m so glad you, did, Rhonda! I’m still trying to circle the wagons to get back to the other pieces you know about… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you’re doing well! Much love to you!

  2. Les, so many blogs are difficult to maintain indeed, my feeling is that the personal progress must be concentrated at ONE blog
    Love and Light

    1. Tauno,
      I agree. I’m glad that I decided to make Blue Dragon Journal my blog and not add other people’s work. It gives the blog consistency in presentation. And maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m a control freak, LOL!
      Les: Thanks for the info. For years I was distrustful of channeling, too (like almost 10 years). When I finally gave it a try, a flood came. I always check on who is speaking. I never quite got a handle on using the TAUK chart… although TAUK was how I discovered all of you great folks! Thanks for sharing. Love, Elizabeth

      1. Thanks, and much love, to all of you! Yes, I’m realizing that perhaps one reason it’s been challenging for me to get the material posted is from not being sure where to put it. I understood what each of my blogs was for (particular topics), and have been quite puzzled lately about what to put where. So I hope this move will help keep me sharing, rather than scratching my head.

        BTW, I would love to see what a TAUK chart looks like, someday… I only found out about TAUK recently, and was quite amazed at how similar it seems to what my Guides taught me a few years ago… I’ve learned that once we connect, we can make our own charts, of any kind, and our Guides can learn to communicate with them easily…

        It’s truly wonderful, how “They” manage to find us and get our attention, in some very creative ways!

        Love you all,

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