6 thoughts on “Assalara-ABeyaSufa_Hamanita

  1. I think our Friend of Light is smirking… no doubt about it, there she is! It reminds me of Obama’s silly “Not impressed” pose. LOL!

    Fantastic article – thanks to both you and Rhonda. I hope we hear more from her on STC!

    1. So true, DW! I didn’t notice the smirk so much as that awesome subtle energy system with all the lights! It occurs to me as I’m typing, that perhaps, when we see flashing lights in the skies and think they are “ships”, they *might* just be HUGE light beings showing us their chakras! Wouldn’t that be so far beyond cool! I agree that it will be wonderful for Rhonda to join us more 🙂

      On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Up 2 The 5th

  2. weel this all sounds soooo familiar to me ..I too have been photographing morning and night since 11.11.11. and I do have some incredible photos but this reminds me we often overlook whats right infront of our noses and to be patient..we know they are with us and are here!!!…and seeing this wonderful image ..I am truely happy for you and me too … and what a perfect time to share this thank you thank you thank you!!!!xooxoxoWendybyrd

    1. Hi, WendyBird! And thank you for all your encouragement, I’ve been hard-pressed to find enough online-time to connect with you directly or reply to your comments, but I’m grateful for your presence! 🙂 Yes, it’s really Rhonda to thank, I’m just helping her get it posted, and I am so delighted that she received this! Much love, Leslee

      On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 7:43 AM, Up 2 The 5th

  3. Leslee,can Ya recall, a few months ago, when i mentioned on STC that i saw a Being in my Third Eye, just as i was waking Up…Well, AA’BA totally reminds me of the Visual that i was Given,then!…Incredible…Fantastic Photos…and the Ferns remind me of the WindowFrost Photo that You recently Shared in Ur Post…Dimensional Info is being Weaved, at the Present…Can Ya Imagine when “All” becomes Simultaneous…Or, have We already Stepped Onto that Omni-Quantum Realm?

    1. Babajij, this is so wonderful to hear/read/feel! Yes, I think we’re already there, dear, weaving and knitting and painting and collaging away!

      A friend here in town says that the more he tunes in with 5d, the more he trips up in 3d… I find the same to be true for me, and the cool thing about it is not even caring anymore about whether we’re tripping up in 3d… 😉

      The other thing I notice is that with this being, there seems to be no “proper” way to spell or express her name… It’s constantly changing… I think that’s a clue for us, too… 😉

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