Abiquor Images: Model Fly-Through and Still Images – 4 March 2013

Aerial View of Abiquor
Aerial View of Abiquor

I’ve just posted a VERY low-resolution animated fly-through of the Abiquor model to YouTube, to share with everyone…

It’s very fuzzy and atmospheric (which is probably perfect!), yet I think gives a nice big-picture tour of what I’ve been shown of Abiquor, and been able to convey into the model, since last summer.

I’m also adding some more detailed stills from the model at the end of this post. I’ve toyed with the idea of whether to “label” the various “buildings” as I understand them… And I decided that people may “see more” if I don’t say what I think the images represent.

Several folks and I have seen additional bits of Abiquor (and/or other Cities of Light) since I’ve had time to work more in the model, and I think this is wonderful! One thing I’ve always sensed about Abiquor is that it is both “real” and fluid, both already manifest AND yet emerging…

Over the past month, I’ve been seeing more and more examples of how when we work together, we see more than when we work alone.

So I hope this video will spark some inspiration for you!

Please feel free to comment and/or share any insights or experiences you’ve had that you feel relate to Abiquor, and let’s watch together as the pieces converge.

With lots of love,



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18 thoughts on “Abiquor Images: Model Fly-Through and Still Images – 4 March 2013

  1. Hello Leslee,
    I do not visit your blog regularly, and this time I was led to this article…After seeing these images, I immediately wish to share something very interesting with you: I’ve been visiting somewhere very similar with this place in my dreams, twice!!
    They were my dreams of more than 5 years ago, and what I can only remember is the fountain, I can’t remember places other than the fountain, but the tone and hue of colors using in your images is very much alike in my dreams. Here’s the fragments that I recalled from my dreams:
    One of my dreams was I was standing by the fountain, and there’s a big whale above the water (I can’t remember how it ‘stands’ above the water, maybe the lake is very shallow so that it can stays on its belly). It is huge and looks like a statue made of rock. I can see there’s a lot of cracks (cracks from horizontal and vertical) all over its’ body, and there’s water coming out from the hole (nose?) at the top of its head, and water runs through the cracks of its body. I look at its eye, and water runs through its face as if it is crying (its eye looks a bit sad too). It is alive, and it talks to me with a very deep, low voice. I responded as well, but I can’t remember a single word from our conversation.
    The other one is I visit there in spring time. It is warm and with gentle sunlight, I was by the side of the fountain again (in this dream I didn’t recall the whale, but I could feel that it was not my first time visit), and there’s a group of penguins resting and playing in the water (I didn’t feel weird to see penguins in such warm weather in dream). Those penguins were in pastel colors: each with patches of pink, yellow, blue and green. They are furry, fatter and more cute than normal penguins. They’re lovely, and they talked! But again, I could remember what did we talked about…
    I don’t know if this is a coincidence, when I first saw your image of Abiquor, these scenes POP out immediately!
    Thank you for sharing, and they recalled the memories of my dreams!!

    Sorry for my English, as the language is not my mother tongue.

    Much love to you and your family,

    1. Ami, thank you for describing your beautiful dreams!

      Wow, I can really see the creatures you describe, and the image of the whale “statue” is very powerful. Water seems to play a tremendous role in Abiquor, and I recall that water in dreams reflects our emotions… And 5D, or our ascension, comes from the heart… and these wonderful creatures you describe live in water!

      All of this reminds me of a dream I had, about 8 years ago, of walking along a very unusual beach and seeing tiny radiant, translucent creatures on the sand. I thought to myself: “I’m not in my usual world”, and I love to remember that dream at times when this world seems just too crazy and bizarre.

      Thank you again for sharing, and for visiting! Love, Leslee

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 10:45 PM, Up 2 The 5th

    1. Hi, Shannon! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, and I’m always so happy to meet team members! Yes, we are swirling and whirling along! Namaste 🙂

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Up 2 The 5th

  2. Excuse my ignorance, Leslee, are these the designs for what Mark Kimmel has also described?

    1. Hi, Christine!

      I think the proper short answer is “Yes”, yet I’ll explain a little more…

      Mark and I first connected (as I did with Adrial) in May 2012. Pretty soon after that, we all began working together on generating the imagery for Abiquor. I saw some of the “structures” in dreams before that May, and when I connected with Adrial, I came to understand that what I had seen was parts of Abiquor.

      Many folks share a very strong sense that Abiquor is at least partly connected with Pagosa Springs, and Mark had been requesting his guides for an “architect” to help with the depictions of Abiquor (at the time we were calling it “Abi-Qor”), to help with the vision as well as to prepare some images to share at the Transformation 2012 Conference.

      At one point, Mark sent me some photos of Pagosa, and one in particular remarkably matched the mountains I had seen in an early dream of Abiquor. I was flabbergasted! And I think it might have been then that I sensed I might be moving there soon (to Pagosa)…

      So, we had many conversations, and there was a lot of collaboration on how things might fit together. I spent many hours working on the model, and finally the Conference arrived. We presented the images, and I got caught up in other things, with very few nudges that I “should’ work more on the model.

      From time to time I would sit down at the computer and open up the file, longing for new info, but nothing clear seemed forthcoming.

      Meanwhile, folks shared dream experienced or astral travels, either by telling me personally or posting on one of the sites about it, and we began to see how so many people are involved in manifesting the images… (Please be sure to check out Lisa’s, Tauno’s & Dreamwalker’s postings about it!) And the images seem to plant seeds that encourage others to travel there more and more. Several folks have shared bits that I would love to add to the model… It just takes time! So many people have already been there! And I would say that if you think you might have been there, then go with that feeling. Our hearts know so much.

      The main changes that I’ve added to the model since last May are that we’ve “hidden” the orchards and farmland that were suggested previously, and the underground water elements are mostly new. A cool anecdote is that I modeled the water labyrinths one evening, and the next day at lunch my friend Anna described an amazing astral visit she had made that same day to Abiquor, seeing huge pools of water! Several people have visited arrival platforms or chambers, and that one aspect of Abiquor seems to be quite extensive!

      I’ve observed, over the past months, that whatever “Abiquor” is, it is profoundly marked with change and flexibility, adaptability, accommodating the wishes and needs of everyone whose imagination it captures. I feel this speaks to helping us understand “5D”, and how accessible it is to us, in this very moment.

      Some people feel that Abiquor is quite grounded in the Pagosa area; some feel it extends to Abiquiu or Taos or Mesa Verde or Sedona… And I’ve even seen glimpses of it encompassing the entire planet!

      It becomes as vast as we allow it…

      I hope that addresses your question, and thank you for asking – it’s very inspiring!

      Much love, Leslee

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Up 2 The 5th

  3. loved this so much Leslee!! wow you must be an amazing architect!! 🙂 thank you so much!! 🙂

  4. Abiquor is such an astoundind project. It deserves an astounding WELCOME among us.

    ( Siegfried)

  5. W-O-W!! (0_0). Thank you dear Leslee for all these great images. Much Love to you.

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