The being “Airl” is the main subject of the book “Alien Interview”, edited by Lawrence Spencer. This book purports to share Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy’s account of the time she spent interviewing Airl after the Roswell Incident (UFO crash near the base at Roswell, NM, USA).

Lawrence Spencer suggests regarding the book as fiction.

It’s perhaps worth noting that Bill Ryan of Project Avalon believes this book to be a hoax (you can read about it here).

For myself, much of the content attributed to Mrs. MacElroy resonates deeply. Parts of it (attributed to Airl) also seem inconsistent and incongruous with the way I understand our world to be changing, so I take it with a grain of salt.

However, the descriptions and explanations that Airl offers bear an uncanny similarity to much of the information I’ve received from my Guides. Some of this info I received recently, and some over the past several years… but most of it came to me before I discovered this book in late November 2012. I’ve found the concepts attributed to Airl to help expand my awareness of possibilities.

According to Theron, this story of Airl may be very useful to people wishing to understand our future possibilities more deeply, especially if we view “Airl” as a manifestation of a “future” self. From the point of reading about Airl, we can focus our intent more finely about how we wish to manifest ourselves moving forward.


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