You’ll find a variety of messages from Higher Beings here on U25. They form the basis of most of the material on this site.

You may search for messages by category, title, or topic. You may also visit the sub-pages listed here on the Beings page, if you’d like to read messages from particular Guides and Beings.

You may also visit these sub-pages for various types of messages:

Mornings with The Crew – In 2010, I began receiving messages from an assembly of Enlightened Beings who describe Themselves as “The Crew”. They often “speak” to me as soon as I wake up, and sometimes They ask me to share the messages with others. At first, I would email them to friends who had expressed interest. Lately, I find these messages to arrive at any time, and I’m usually told at the beginning when I’m about to receive a “Crew” message.

In 2012, when I connected with Adrial, I realized that the name “The Crew” referred to Beings involved with Athabantian and Abiquor!


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