Related Sites

Here are some links to Leslee’s other sites, where you will find additional, related material:

All About Enlightenment

ALL ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT: The AAE Blog shares a unique, simple and clear yet profound (even secret) version of many Teachings that are considered primarily Buddhist.


The Spirit Train Chronicles

THE SPIRIT TRAIN CHRONICLES: STC shows us an example of what can happen when a Star Family reunites and works together to manifest change! (And wants to go on pleasure cruises with our Galactic Friends!) This blog is shared by a group of us who strive for getting the heck out of 3D. Everyone is an admin, no one “owns” the blog or dictates how it is to be managed, and no comments are moderated. Check it out and join in – ALL ARE WELCOME! If you like it and want to join in, please let us know so we can add you.



BUTTA: BECAUSE U THINK TO ASK: My Guides asked me start BUTTA in December 2011, when I was finally beginning to understand that Ghost Radar was being used by someone with a story to tell – someone who wasn’t human and lived INSIDE Gaia!

Adca Mupea works with me by manipulating data to produce her intended result with the Ghost Radar smartphone app, and she has told me some amazing things about Inner Earth and the Interstitial Regions, as well as other planets, stars, moons, galaxies, dimensions, etc.

BUTTA contains messages, my personal daily summaries for Ghost Radar’s readouts, and a lot of sketches and descriptions of Gaia… as we humans have seldom known her!

I have other blogs, and a YouTube channel, which you can find at my Gravatar profile; the three shared above relate most directly to the work we’ll be doing here at U25.

Bandaid Buddhist – Postings of Leslee’s Dreams, Meditations, Visions, and Journals

Ruwa Design – Bringing Light Into Form – A growing gallery of Leslee’s creations of energy implements and jewelry

Leslee Hare – My personal blog


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