The Danger of Caution and the Power of Words

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The Danger of Caution and the Power of Words

I assume that anyone reading this post understands that speech wields great power.

There’s a great practice in carefully pre-phrasing and re-phrasing what we say, because we understand that our words portray, project, and reinforce our intention. We can actually get quite knotted up in this process: the constipation of artificial positivity.

It’s okay. We do have to talk the talk, before we can walk the walk.

Most of us can understand how words have connotations. I just shared a conversation with someone, in which we took turns searching for “the positive way” to say something. And that’s a nice first step. It’s a baby step, and it can turn into steps leading us in circles…

If we use positive terms, and still hold fear, are we being hypocrites?

If we spend a tremendous amount of energy stopping the flow of our thoughts in order to search for the “safe word”, are we honoring the authenticity of our incredibly powerful speech? Are we being honest about where we “are”?

I suggest that spontaneous speech, even when laced with profanity and complaints, is far more genuine than flowery, optimistic words coming from a carefully-arranged “state of mind”.

I suggest that CAUTION, whether in our speech, our actions, or thoughts, indicates FEAR.

I suggest that fear is artificial, and a device which functions to shut us down… totally.

I suggest that fear is totally powerless in itself. You can turn your back on it, enter into bliss, and forget that “F” word even existed.

I won’t even assign blame to anyone for “creating fear”. We create it ourselves, each of us within our own lives.

This is the Ultimate form of Trust: to allow yourself to flow, experience what your guides and life bring you, and learn and forgive and love and transform and blossom and flourish and totally bliss out.

We don’t need to be afraid of negativity. We don’t need to be so afraid of negativity that we have to think long and hard before uttering a single word.

As we develop our sensitivities, telepathy, intuition, etc., we also notice more keenly the true impetus behind words.

Impetus: a moving force; impulse; stimulus; (from

Please notice the difference between impetus and intention. We can have a wonderful intention, which inspires ourselves and others. The impetus propels that intention into manifestation. The intention may be luminous, and the impetus may still be pretending to be positive, while our programming, delusions, sanskaras, sub-conscious… whatever you want to call it… still has some cleaning up to do.

So, what do we feel in the gut?

If we still hold anger, fear, lack of love, lack of understanding, lack of wisdom… any of those piddly, annoying, 3D qualities… these ride along when our impetus holds forth.

No matter what words we use.

Others can sense it. They might search for the words to describe it, and scratch their heads, knowing that something seems out of kilter.

What if, instead of carefully choosing our words for the “right” impact, we just speak from our hearts, free from concern about how others respond?

I suggest that “others” (who are, after all, reflections of our selves), will innately sense our honesty, and find it endearing, no matter how abrasive the word choice may be.

Somewhere in there is a middle road, where we both acknowledge and honor completely where we are IN THIS MOMENT, and also hold the wish to develop the IMPETUS that will carry us where we want to go. And while traveling to that destination (5D), we pass through the Fourth Dimension, the Dimension of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is Acceptance. Of everything. And understanding Emptiness helps us to appreciate Acceptance.

So, if we feel we still hold some grudges or smudges or little pangs of anything that might be holding us down into 3D, it might prove worthwhile for us to spend a little time building up our Love Trust. It’s worth finding: it swirls around in the blissful ocean of Emptiness, that embraces ALL of 3D… even the bankers and pharmaceutical companies and military…

And in the meantime, I say let’s relax and enjoy our progress, and loosen up that positive constipation. Just speak from your heart. This is the most honest gift you can give to others in this time of transcendental change. And that honesty radiates love.

And when you’re listening, listen with that same blissful spontaneity. Judging is sooooo 3D!

Words wield power, yes, but SPEECH carries much more than mere “words”. Speech incorporates all your impetus, guts, love, and fear… and lays it out bare for all to see.

That is a gift of trust, and a gift that carries us into Love, into the Fourth Dimension, and creates a shortcut to the Fifth.

Namaste; may I always behold the divine in everyone I meet.

With love,



Morning With Adrial – 4 June 2012

(Message from Adrial of Athabantian)

[joy scared information through Jimmy poet]
(Who is “Jimmy poet”?)
(Adrial: “Jimmy” = Adrial)
(Why “Jimmy”?)
(Because Adrial loves making [chemical] people open up.)

(from Adrial)

We’d like to share some news with the people reading this message.

What you don’t know, only lets people manipulate you.

Please use utmost discretion with anyone who claims to be helping you and offering genuine information… but will not reveal their identity.

Please consider these points:

1. Anonymity [football] indicates fear. Fear of what?

2. Anonymity defies credibility; [page] it offers no trail of evidence of actions.

3. Anonymity [Ben bet lucky factor standard] sensationalizes.

That is all for now. [limited] Please consider carefully before you place trust in aliases.

Please meditate and visualize constantly for the upliftment of this world and all it inhabitants.

In Union,
Adrial and the entire Crew of Athabantian

Today’s Focus 1 – 16 May 2012

Ghost Radar: Today’s Focus 1

From: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 7:57 AM
To: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 8:08 AM
Words Spoken:
8:06:56 AM : hardly
8:06:24 AM : loss
8:06:16 AM : flame
8:06:00 AM : extra
8:05:44 AM : fully
8:05:20 AM : total
8:02:16 AM : yesterday
8:01:52 AM : track
8:00:24 AM : breathe
7:59:52 AM : bush
7:59:44 AM : thought
7:59:28 AM : steel
7:59:20 AM : bus
7:58:48 AM : stuck
7:58:24 AM : avoid

(from Teo’Na)

Today, avoid letting the stuck bus of distracting, rigid, tough, and chaotic thought steal your concentratIon.

It’s a very auspicious day for making spiritual progress, so please focus your intent.

Push negativity aside and breathe on through, staying on track.

All of your previous efforts are totally and fully worthwhile; please feel no sense of loss as the world surrounding you changes.