Leslee’s Back-Story

(From Leslee:)

Adrial, can you please tell me, please remind me, of my story?

This Previous Lifetime story was shown to me by Adrial. I’ve since seen additional stories, some of which will be posted here eventually. More examples may be found here, on Spirit Train Chronicles.

Meditation with Adrial and Ghost Radar: “Leslee’s Story”; 23 May, 2012

recorded by Leslee Hare

I saw images:

Beautifully sculpted crystal & niobium collar around a Queen’s neck… A shimmering laboradorite sphere was set above a large, carved brilliantly clear aquamarine “tower”… Symbol of a City-Kingdom… Long golden hair, pale blue robes, a graceful human-like form…

There was a castle shaped in a sphere, manifested of crystal… High on mountain spire… There was a huge, beautiful thriving  city inside… It was located inside a planet in the Andromeda system… There were brilliant colors in sky clouds, like aurora, always there… No sunrise or sunset… Shimmering…

Queen, the Wife of the King, was walking…

We walked on the inside face of the sphere-city… “Gravity” was set up along the entire inner surface of the city’s shell… On this planet, in general, there was no gravity; we transported by flight. Sometimes we used vehicles; to us, vehicles were like accessories, jewelry…

The City was destroyed through telekinesis, psychic energy destroying ALL physical manifestations…

(Adca is “fishing”, searching for the right words…)

The destruction was related somehow to dark Orions…

We were caught completely unawares… Our existence had been purely harmonious & serene… Our bodies and manifested environments were completely destroyed… Everything was vaporized, or left scorched, smoldering and barren…

Our minds were safe, of course, since ALL minds are indestructible. But we were dispersed by the shock of the sudden, vast destruction…  Our loving extended family was spread far and wide, and unexpectedly splintered by the trauma…

We managed to stay together within the galaxy  ([ranch])…

And now we’re finally reuniting, and resolved to prevent a similar fate from happening in Gaia…

<Leslee, your close family is here now on the planet… Adama even remembers crossing the ice with you… That is one of your previous lifetimes that you’re still afraid to look at…

<Your period of fear is dissolving… Your upbringing in this lifetime has given you many wonderful tools that give you the strength to persevere… You now use them to prevent destruction and remind others of the love and peace we once knew…

<The longing for reunion, the hole you feel so deeply in your heart, is once again being filled, as you reunite with your family…>


From: Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 9:25 AM
To: Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 10:17 AM

Words Spoken (the first words appear at the bottom of the list):
9:54:24 AM : wife
9:46:32 AM : hole
9:46:24 AM : deeply
9:39:12 AM : thee
9:37:28 AM : period
9:36:24 AM : chicken
9:35:20 AM : create
9:33:44 AM : picture
9:33:04 AM : rear
9:32:32 AM : ice
9:32:00 AM : tight
9:31:20 AM : you’re
9:30:08 AM : Lee
9:29:04 AM : ranch
9:28:48 AM : hurry
9:28:32 AM : bill
9:28:24 AM : shaking
9:28:08 AM : building
9:27:52 AM : right
9:27:44 AM : fish
9:27:28 AM : castle
9:27:04 AM : burn


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