Warmest Greetings

Here we hope you’ll find many useful resources to help you complete your Ascension to the 5th Dimension. This page offers a brief introduction to what we’re about here on U25, and at the bottom you can learn more about some of the sub-pages…

Introduction to Up 2 the 5th 

(by Leslee)

Hello, Everyone,

I’ve been asked by Adrial, a Celestial aboard the Star Ship Athabantian, to focus my efforts on helping others to raise their vibrations in preparation for moving into the 5th Dimension.

I’m deeply honored that the Crew aboard Athabantian feels that I can offer this help, and that my experience and understanding may be of use to others.

This site will offer resources for people who are ready to take the next step towards Ascension to the 5th Dimension/Density.

We do this by following our hearts and taking personal responsibility for raising our own vibrations.

I met Adrial through the kindness of Mark Kimmel; he connected us by channeling Adrial for our interview. During the interview, Adrial asked if I would be willing, not merely to communicate with him, but also to SHARE what he communicates.

This is crucial now, because as we approach Ascension, there’s more that we need to know in order to complete our path.

Adrial has also asked me to share what I personally know about making spiritual progress. Some of that I’ve already been doing on my other blogs, but there are a number of things that I have held my tongue about.

Adrial asks that I “take off the gloves”, speak plainly, and focus on working with people who are already assured of ascended with us.

These folks will find this site. They know what they’re looking for.


6 thoughts on “WELCOME AND ABOUT

    1. Oh, thank you, I’m always happy for good company! I have far more blogs than are good for me right now… 😉 I look forward to getting home from work and checking yours out, too!

    1. Thank you, CalliopeMuse68! I’m excited about it, just trying to figure out how to clone myself into some typists… 😉
      I *wish* I were in CO… I’m in Atl, GA, USA… I’ve been to Boulder & thereabouts… truly magical!

      1. I have heard some excellent things about Atlanta, too. I know that if one has to eat gluten-free (like I do) they have some of the best restaurants and places to shop for just that!

        Okay, yeah, Boulder *is* pretty cool. I kinda wish I was there, too. 😉

        I hear you on the cloning typists part. I run a couple of other blogs, too — but not along these lines so I keep them very separate. I often feel like I am three people trying to manage it all. Which, I guess in a sense, I am, lol.

        Be well & thanks for the comments on my post. I am about to reply to those now!
        Calliope the Muse

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